How the our choli was born.

It started with a Kwik Sew pattern. It was tied front to back,with the original back neckline scooped down further than on the original pattern. I used a mirrored cushion cover for a decorative front. It was a rather awkward feeling fit to it, and it offered no bust support whatsoever, so I experimented with removing the ties and attempting to put cotton ties in their stead. The results were promising, so I continued experimenting.

First Generation Choli

I had actually chopped the front apart, from the shoulders all the way to under the bust, before it dawned on me to leave the front more or less intact, and alter it from the back.

First Generation Choil Back

It took several tries, with minute adjustments to come up with a dance choli that was both supportive and comfortable.
Here are the 'scratch patterns' using the original KwikSew pattern as a base.

First Generation Choli Pattern

And here is the 2nd generation scratch pattern.

Second Generation Choli pattern

As you can see by the folds and notations, the pattern evolved into the beautiful choli, both single front panel, and non stretch pattern. It took another 5 minor adjustments until we wore it for tribal class.
Here is a picture of me wearing the choli with a cabaret costume prior to that.

Blue Cabaret Costume with Blue Choli
So there is the history of the birth and evolution of the original W.A. choli. Happy dancing! Anysia.

Costume Elements

Tribal Costuming Bits and Pieces