You actually don't need to do a bunch of math for making a circle skirt.

Tools: Measuring tape, scissors, dress makers pins, two 2.25 meter panels of fabric.

Lay one panel evenly over the other. Fold them in half. Pin your measuring tape to the folded corner. In an arc, depending on what size you are, put a pin 6 cms for small, 10 cms for medium, 12 cms for large, down from the top of the fold. Swivel the measuring tape about 2 inches, put another pin into the fabric. Swivel the measure tape over and over until you have an arc of pins from the fold to the selvage.





For the bottom, don't worry about measuring your hip to floor yet. Since you will be cutting on the bias, the fabric will SAG a lot!So, use the measuring tape again. Measure from top of selvage fold to the bottom one. That will be the length of your arc. Pin. Swivel tape, pin at same measurement again, etc etc etc until you reach the upper corner. That will be your bottom arc. Cut Below the 'waist pins" and below the "hem pins".




Now, here is a trick I learned. Without unfolding it, put your fabric on a trouser hanger by its waist, keeping the top edges even, the type that clamps across the entire pant leg. Use dressmaker pins to prevent fabric from slipping out if necessary. Fill up a sink or bucket of cold water, do not use washing machine for this step,, and thoroughly soak the cut fabric. Let it drip dry for however long it takes. If it dries quick, do it again. This speeds up the "sagging" that happens when you cut on the bias that normally takes up to 4 weeks.

Then, measure from where you want it to sit on hip or waist down to your foot/ankle/floor. While its still on the hanger, measure from top of hanger down to the length you measured on yourself, adding a centimeter (1/2-inch) for hem. Use dressmaker pins to mark where the hem will be. Do not forget: TAKE INTO ACCOUNT HOW WIDE THE WAISTBAND WILL BE OR IT WILL BE TOO LONG! Trim off excess.

Waist: you can use the leftover from the cutting the bottom arc for the waistband. If the fabric was wide enough you will even have a complete selvage edge to work on. You will have to do a bit of gathering here to make a really good fit Measure where on your body the skirt will lay. Then cut a piece of fabric that long from the leftover selvage cuttings. Cut whatever width you want your waistband to be. Sew one of the sides of each skirt panel together. Gather skirt on thread until it's the same length as the waistband. Place the cut edge on the waist of the skirt. Sew it down. Then fold it over to the back of the skirt, and do the same again.

Hemming: The easiest way is to just do a close zigzag stitch along the hem on the bottom. Just start rolling the fabric and allow the presser foot to keep it rolled, while zigzagging it. There might be a few just folded over areas, but with this method, it will be invisible. I have made 10+ different full circle skirts with the pattern, and one circle and a half. Fabrics have been rayon, chiffon, dance satin, cotton all with excellent results. Finish other side seam, or just finish the edges of the panels to have the skirt open on one side. There you have it.
A circle skirt ready to wear.

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